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Life changing surgery for children who need it most


Changing children’s lives

The Matilda Children’s Foundation exists to provide life changing surgeries at no cost to underprivileged children in desperate need of treatment and have no other means of receiving care, around Southeast Asia. Matilda’s doctors and teams have been donating their time, money, expertise, and resources on a volunteer basis, performing a broad variety of surgical services – these range from orthopaedics to curative surgery. 

Since 2003, over 60 bright young souls’ lives have been turned around. With your support, we look forward to helping even more lead promising futures.

Changing lives

The journey to healing


A caring individual or NGO notices a child in need of life changing surgery but has no access to professional help in their home country


Through an NGO, the carer contacts Matilda Children’s Foundation and explores possibilities for treatment


If approved, the child and carer travel to Matilda International Hospital in Hong Kong, where they’ll be taken in by our caring team


The child receives free surgery and care by Matilda doctors, nurses, and volunteers


They fly back to their home country and the child is provided care by the NGO community


The local organisation stays in touch with the Foundation, keeping us updated on the child’s progress

Our process
Individual support

Make a BIG difference to LITTLE lives

By donating to our charity, you are helping us provide the resources necessary to change lives. All donations fund the resources for surgery and recovery.

With kind and generous people like you, we can bring hope back into their lives through giving them the chance to fully recover and lead fuller lifestyles.

Our charity has no administration overheads, so every dollar goes towards treating the children


Collaborate with us

We’re looking to work with local NGOs around the Southeast Asia region capable of locating underprivileged children in Southeast Asia in desperate need of life-changing treatment and have no other means of receiving care. These NGOs would ideally also be able to help with caring for children post-surgery.

If you think your organisation can help, please contact us. Or, if you know an organisation that can help, please ask them to contact us. Together, we can help the children who so desperately need it.

NGO collaboration

Matilda Children’s Foundation is a charity under Matilda International Hospital.

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